Post-trip Reflection :'(

Ahh, my last blog post. Feels kind of weird, like high school graduation on a mini scale. I really loved this trip, even though it was far from relaxing, because I saw so much, and what I saw changed me. I don’t like the word life-changing, but this trip definitely made me reconsider the way I interacted with my environment, and also the way I interact with the food I eat.

I said this so much over the trip, but it’s because it stuns me: I don’t get why I ate so much on this trip.

I still don’t know why, but that was one of the greatest highlights of this trip: trying to help make food, and then eating with everyone. It wasn’t anything glamorous, nor new, but it was somehow really great for my appetite.

The week might be composed of: the Shirley Show, really fun car rides, battles over the aux cable, inspirational people, farming, berries x2, and lots of reflection, in the form of blog posts and thank you notes. Note that I left sleep out (granted, we got good hours of sleep, but it was always a struggle to wake up, even with the mold song).

I focused on the little things because I feel like that’s what I’m afraid of forgetting. I don’t want to forget our little lunch at Pt. Lobos, nor the moment before when Shirley, Yuto, and Joe (?) were up on the high peak. I really don’t want to forget being inspired by the WATCH high school students who were so driven and smart. I don’t want to lose the tune of the mold song, nor our bbq at the Hopkins Marine Station (and the pasta lunch before that).

This trip, I got to really value the little things that made me happy: good places, good people, and good food.

Thank you all!


P.S. I can’t forget that I really want to participate in a CSA near my home during summer, and also go to farmer’s markets all the time, and try gardening with some easy veggies or herbs. And cooking, too! I won’t pepper-salt the chicken too much next time, I promise.


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