The Aquarium

The Aquarium

Today was an interesting and exciting day chock-full of adventure and discovery. We woke up at around 7:00A.M, prepared our meals for the day, and went off to Hopkins where we met up with a neighboring group of ASB students. I can’t quite remember the name of their group, (something to do with science and environmental literacy) but all the same, they were great. After a few quick ice-breakers and some good old fashioned cross pollination, we settled down in the Agassiz building and received a quick lesson on force and acceleration from our newfound friends. The lesson itself was fun. Armed with a sponge, shipping popcorn, and some saran wrap, we set out to create the most effective “de-acceleration” device possible; capable of cushioning the drop of an egg.
After our little experiment, we rushed on over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and sat in for the feeding of the kelp forest. The aquarium itself was jam packed but it was nice to observe and listen to the tank diver as he jumped on in and fed the fish. The elders were engaged, the children were awestruck, and I myself was greatly amused. The crowed was hooked and I really appreciated the aquarium’s initiative in reminding people to dispose of their plastic waste properly. I also really appreciated the time Pamela took to speak to our group. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is unwavering in its dedication to community outreach, education, and oceanic preservation.
Shortly after the feeding demonstration in the kelp forest, we return to Hopkins for a little lunch of our own and another ASB lesson. We had some spaghetti and pasta followed by a demonstration in buoyancy and surface tension. All in all, spending some time with the other ASB group was nice and much appreciated. I really enjoyed returning to the aquarium with Peggy and Katherine. Today was great!


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