Monterey Bay Aquarium

We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium today to learn about the educational and conservation programs there and – well of course, seeing sea animals! We joined up with another ASB group that was learning about science education. We made more friends and it was exciting!

One of the instructors at the Monterey Bay Aquarium talked to us about the educational programs offered to young children, as well as the older people in the community. The hands-on educational classroom programs can accommodate almost any group of students and ages. All of the teachers are specialists so they can explain everything, down to the simplest questions, and make it interesting.

The only cost for teachers to organize field trips to these programs is getting the students a bus to the aquarium, but that can be a barrier in many cases. As a child I remember that going to the aquarium was exciting, so it’s unfortunate that some children aren’t able to experience it.

The visit at the aquarium afterwards was a lot of fun! I hadn’t been to an aquarium since 5th grade so it was great to see the weird sea creatures once again! The aquarium amazed me with their huge tanks with tuna and sharks, and their beautifully lit jellyfish exhibit.

IMG_0621 IMG_0628 IMG_0631 IMG_0636


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