From the Fields

 A Blog Post about Day 1, by Will Kim

I was kind of tired today, glad to have had finals over, but really felt beat. 

We trucked around, had fun, talked and laughed.

We stopped by Santa Cruz, saw the beach, saw the Monterey Marine Sanctuary Museum, and went to Monterey’s Steinbeck Museum, too. For me the movie we watched at the end of our romp through the museum helped me to rethink about my education. It was a short biopic about Damian Trujillo, and his journey from the fields to newsroom. I’ve heard these feel-good stories before, but somehow when Damian talked about his choice: “either you study your books or you work in the fields,” I reflected on my own education and my own motivations. Growing up in a well-to-do family, surrounded by the quintessential model minority community, going to college was a given, and doing well in school was a part of everyone’s agenda, whether jock, hipster, or geek. It’s a competitive environment and I’ve grown to love it for what it is, but after a while, your brain doesn’t think about things like the purpose of college or education as much as the goal of going to ‘X’ college or landing a plush job.

I love learning and reading (I’m loving SLE, if that counts for anything), but I rarely considered the value of such an education, other than for fun, grade, or career. I’ve never thought about it as something for my survival.

Thinking about that, I just felt more invigorated and more appreciative of the education I’m receiving at Stanford. Things like all-nighters pale in comparison to hard labor from sunrise to sunset everyday. It made me glad to re-see my education, because too often I’m stuck on autopilot, trying to keep in control of school and other things, that I forget the whole point of my education, and its immense value.


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