Otter Dilemma?


Sea Otter feeding on clam. Yummm!

Thank you Shirley for bringing in that really cool article about the otter ban in southern California.  As we move forward with our trip, it will sometimes be useful to think about issues in terms of the different stakeholders involved.  It is hard enough to give equal voice to all the stakeholders like industry, the public, interest groups, etc.  And that doesn’t include important players like sea otters.  Abalone and other invertebrate creatures can be a shared food source for otters and humans, creating tension between conservationists and fishers.  If we help the otter population, they will come back eating their normal prey, and decrease what is there for the humans to harvest and sell.  There isn’t an easy right answer to any of these issues, and historical context can make things even more complicated!  Here is another article that gives a taste of the issue:


One thought on “Otter Dilemma?

  1. This reminds me of the whole Searsville dam controversy going on now– it always seems too easy to definitively find a straight answer until you learn a sudden fact from the other side!

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