Friday Afternoon Tide Pooling!


Sun setting over the field of tide pools and beached seaweed.


When walking through tide pools, all you have to do is bend over to see a wealth of fascinating biodiversity. Tide pools are a unique ecosystem whose inhabitants are among the most durable in the animal kingdom. We talked about how the tide pools experience wide changes in submersion, salinity and temperature. Half Boon Bay has a mixed tide. This tide pool contained turban snails and pink coralline algae, which looks and feels kind of like coral (hence the name). There was also no shortage of seaweed, which became sea grass in tide pools closer to the ocean. I would have posted a picture of a sculpin, but I was having too much fun catching them with the net.

One of things I found particularly cool was how tough sea anemones are; they just deflate when stepped on, and stick to you if you touch them because they snag you with their nematocysts. I might not have found Nemo, but the tide pools of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve had plenty of other exciting wildlife.


The sea stars might have stolen the show a bit.. they are stars after all…


My attempt at an artsy photogram–no Instagram was used in the making of this picture.


“Seal” ing the deal on an awesome afternoon!


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