Tide Pools (the trip there and there)


The tide pools were amazing. They made me think a lot about things, though not really marine biology related. I liked how when I stuck my finger into anemones, I felt it kiss me, but Grace corrected my omantic misnomer, since the anemone was actually harpooning me. When Grace did that, I found it profound, because I had been thinking about how love and hate spring from the same passions, and how the same passions we feel for something can lead us against it, and how man’s love for the ocean might lead them to kill things for the pleasure of seeing them at home. It was all very interesting, this interplay of thoughts and comments that were sloshing around.

On the trip to the tide pools, Julia and I sat in the back of Grace’s Benz and it was such an eye-opener. Julia prefaced the trip with, “I like how I can see the faces of people driving; it’s interesting.” And it made me think a lot about the community we live in, strictly defined by “things we know” but also in the amorphous community of friends whom we click with on a gut level but beyond words or time. The whole idea of this kind of nameless friends and wordless experience is reminiscent of a haiku, and I like haikus a lot, so I wrote a pretty free form haiku amoeba (not strictly 5-7-5 and I put in two liners in between; thinking about both community and the tide pools):

wish to be hermit crab
alone in dead snail’s home
drifting in pool

i used to play in kiddie tubs
cheap plastic home of hope

kissing my finger
the feelings of anemone killing;
same thing i guess.

“love and hate spring from same”
they told me so.

back of car is magic—
Facing drivers approaching and passing
friends unknown made forever

you can tell a lot about a person
by waving at them for ten minutes

dear redhead like kirsten dunst
we could have been friends
had we met in half moon bay

i forgot that childish wonder
naive acceptance of beauty

i’d like life in hermit shell
swimming with people unknown
with beauty i can’t see


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