Today we’re going to the tide pools in! I’m so excited. It’s been a while since I’ve observed funky creatures that kinda just grow in nature. Back in preschool when I lived in Connecticut, I was always so excited to go to the ocean and play in the sand. We looked for hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, horseshoe crabs, and really, any thing that wasn’t sand (including the rocks). Got stung by jelly fish in the sea, and bees on the boardwalk. Good times!

Well, I haven’t had any of that since I moved to Tokyo in elementary school. No playing hide-and-seek in the forrest, gathering pinecones or going fishing either. It’s been a while since you and me’ve played together, creatures from nature. I look forward to getting intimate with you this afternoon!

Random note, I always find it interesting how everything in our lives is so high-tech (iPhones, computers, Facebook, etc), yet the “technology” in food hasn’t advanced too much. I mean, there’s genetic modification, fertilizer, machinery, but nothing revolutionary. I can’t think of anything we eat in our daily lives that is made up of something that is not grown in nature. We still have to grow plants and animals. I wonder if this will change sometime in the future.

But yeah, in the end I like nature and I’m excited to be exploring the interaction between humans and nature through this ASB!


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