Jia’s First Post

Hi everyone!

Since the first time I took a drive along the 17-mile drive, I have always wanted to get back to the fascinating ocean and beautiful creatures in the Monterey Bay. Well, it is certainly not the only reason that I found this class interesting. I grew up in a small city, named Yantai, by the sea in China, and I’m proud of calling myself a child of the ocean mother. My hometown is best known for its rich sea food and tasteful organic fruits such as apples, pears and cherries. I still remember how I used to search for clams underneath the sand and crabs hidden in the rock, and how I bathed myself in the salty water for hours, waiting for a mermaid to appear.  Another pleasure was to pick up cherries, apples and wild figs on the tree. As you can see, I have bounded to the sea and farms since the beginning of my life, and this trip will be more like a revisit of my childhood. Other than these personal bounds, I’m also interested in the conservation of the ocean ecosystem because I love it so much, and gaining more perspectives on food justice, which we often take for granted. All in all, I’m really excited to start this new journey with everyone in our ASB team!




My hometown Yantai


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